The Jolly Adventures of the Flaming Skulls
From Metal to Mayhem

The crew of the world’s only metal band displayed timing worse than a fire eater with hiccups when landing in the city of Ravenrock,just before an enormous multi-pronged attack by air pirates!

Whilst the royal family were being taken hostage and the city guard neutralised, the two most important members of Das Flamenkopf (vocalist and lead guitar. Fuck bass) were inspecting their stage in the Common quarter below their docks when they were accosted by four pirates who seemed intent on taking them alive.

Unfortunately Burnenskul did not share this goal. Three corpses and one unconscious Centaur later, Raptor was circling the last pirate berserker, toying with him. He would probably have been better off escaping and playing with himself though, as four more pirates shortly arrived and subdued him in short order.


Upon awakening, Skull Skull Skull find themselves sharing a prison with 80 other people in cells of 10. The singer was thrown onto the floor, whilst the persistent Revenant was gagged and bound in magical shackles.


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