Character Creation

Ravenrock is a bustling city, with a diverse range of inhabitants both permanent and just passing through. There’s a royal court, royal guard, city guard and city bank; guilds ranging from anything from the arcane to zoological (ok, maybe not that, but merchants, navigators, engineers, fighters and mages all have their own, and there are many others of various size and importance).

The four temples at each compass point draw many clerics, paladins and pilgrims, and also serve as landing points for trade; the only other legal flight point is owned by the royal family and is in the nigh-impenetrable centre ring.

Basically, feel free to go absolutely nuts if you want. If there’s a problem I’ll let you know, no worries.

If you want to go with something a little outlandish let me know and I’ll try to work with you. If you think of a cool background for your character but it involves some retconning, no probs, it’s unlikely to fuck with the plot and I’d enjoy creating a story with you. A map will hopefully follow soon giving you a better idea of the city layout (basically concentric circles, split into quarters.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much it except for some additional options!

-Start at level five, and use the 4ED point buy system. Very easy to do if you have the official character builder, if you don’t I have some spare installs you can use.

-Pick one Trade OR one Perform skill, IN ADDITION to the ones allocated to you.

-Have you got an epic destiny or family quest? Bugbears butcher your brother? Halflings half-inch your handy haversack? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Character Creation

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